October 1, 2022

Asif Kajal, Jhenaidah
A large amount of check fraud has been leaked in Jhenaidah Municipality. It has been alleged that a circle of the municipality has raised Tk 64.56 lakh against the work of Tk 9.65 lakh by deceiving the eyes of the former mayor. As the matter became known, a fight broke out among the general public including Jhenaidah municipal employees. Although the audit report found an irregularity of Tk 84.56 lakh, in the first instance, in a letter signed by the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government Mohammad Farooq Hossain, the administrative officer of the municipality Asaduzzaman Chan directed to check the fraud of Tk 2.8 lakh through 12 checks and submit an urgent report. Jhenaidah Local Government Deputy Director Md. Yarul Islam said that the investigation is nearing completion. According to sources, the internal audit report of the Ministry of Local Government and the municipality has revealed that the money was withdrawn from June 1, 2011 to October 4, 2016 for various works. The money was withdrawn from account 316 of Jhenaidah Sonali Bank and in a check from account 142503 of Jhenaidah Janata Bank. However, former and current officials working in the municipality are blaming each other for this check fraud. Municipal Secretary Ajmal Hossain (now working in Jessore), Administrative Officer Asaduzzaman Chan and Executive Engineer Kamal Uddin are also rumored to have forged the check by pressuring the accountant. However, a thorough investigation has revealed that the culprits, including the main culprits, could be identified. Meanwhile, former mayor of Jhenaidah municipality Saidul Karim Mintu, realizing the issue of check forgery, wrote a memorandum No. 298 of his office on June 26, 2021 to Asaduzzaman Chan, administrative officer, along with the deputy secretary of local government department (municipality-1 branch) to take action against him. Chan embezzled an additional Tk 28 lakh through fraud instead of Tk 3 lakh 44 thousand 619 by showing work in his own name. According to the letter, Asaduzzaman Chan joined the store as a store keeper and was later promoted to chief assistant and promoted to administrative officer. He has been working in the same workplace for the last 20 years. In the letter, considering the interests of Jhenaidah municipality, the mayor Saidul Karim Mintu specially requested to take departmental action against Asaduzzaman Chan and transfer him elsewhere. After receiving the letter from the Municipal Mayor, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government Mohammad Faruk Hossain issued a memorandum No. 48.00.0000. on 12 August 2021 to the Deputy Director of Local Government Department of Jhenaidah Deputy Commissioner’s Office. On the basis of the request to send the investigation report. It has been alleged that Asaduzzaman Chan, an administrative officer, and Ajmal Hossain, a former secretary, were involved in the scam. They would leave the front part of the check book blank with the mayor’s eye and then put the money figure later. In this way, year after year, the fraudulent cycle raised Tk. 84,33,798 lakh against the work of Tk. 9,65,618. It is mentioned in the report that they extracted 84 lakh 57 thousand 72 rupees through fraud. An official of the municipality’s accounting department, who did not want to be named, said that Asaduzzaman, the guru of Nat, had not paid the income tax and VAT money of Chan Hat Bazar till five years after Saidul Karim Mintu became the mayor. This money he has pocketed, the documents of which can be called to prove the allegations. Meanwhile, it has been learned that on June 1, 2011, in the cash book of the municipality, there is 10 thousand rupees written in the name of a person named Nowsher Ali. But instead of 10 thousand taka, 4 lakh 10 thousand taka has been withdrawn from Sonali Bank’s account no. More than four lakh rupees was embezzled through embezzlement. In addition to Nowshera, the names of those who have been issued checks are: 12 in the name of Administrative Officer Asaduzzaman Chan, in the name of Executive Engineer Kamal Uddin in the voucher No. 307 on March 3, 2013, instead of Rs. 2 lakh 13 thousand 200 rupees instead of 13 thousand two hundred rupees in the name of voucher No. 69, 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees in the name of Delwar Hossain on June 8, 2011, 1 lakh 13 thousand rupees in the name of Saidur Rahman in vouchers No. 113 and 155 on 23 August 2011. 3 lakh 13 thousand 483 rupees instead of 473 rupees, in the name of Conservancy Inspector Shamsul Alam, vouchers No. 10, 45, 100, 146 and 382, ​​respectively, instead of one lakh 46 thousand 22 rupees, 7 lakh 46 thousand 22 rupees, on January 20, 2013, Commissioner Tofazzel 2 lakh 21 thousand instead of 21 thousand taka in the name of Hossain, 2 lakh 5 thousand 40 taka instead of 5 thousand 40 taka in the voucher no. One and a half lakh rupees instead of money On February 4 of that year, in the voucher no. 2 lakh 15 thousand 410 rupees instead of 15 thousand 410 rupees in the name of Mithu Electronics in the voucher No. 300 on May 1, 2015.

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