October 6, 2022
[Chinese] United Arab Emirates want...
[Chinese] United Arab Emirates wants 25 percent of global hydrogen fuel market

In the ongoing Union Parishad elections (UP), independent candidates have challenged the ruling Awami League’s boat symbol. Independent candidates have done well in many places for the post of chairman. So far, the Election Commission (EC) has completed voting in 3,958 UPs. Of these, Awami League has won 2,135 and independent candidates have won 1,795. UP occupies 54 percent of the boat.

On the other hand, 43 percent independent candidates have won in UP. Among the independent candidates, 350 BNP-backed chairmen have won. Jatiya Party-Japa won 41 seats, Jatiya Party-JP won eight seats and Islami Andolan Bangladesh won seven seats. Among other political parties, the candidates of Jasad, Workers Party, Zak Party, Jamiat Ulamaye won. So far, the results of more than 50 UPs are stuck for various reasons.
The party symbol held for the first time in 2016 was much better than the Awami League in the UP vote. A total of 4,104 UPs voted in six phases at that time. At that time, 2,652 boats won in UP; But this time the party has already lost more than 400 UP seats. According to the information received from EC, the ruling Awami League candidates won 269 in the first phase, 46 in the second phase, 525 in the third phase, 398 in the fourth phase, 341 in the fifth phase and 116 in the sixth phase. Independent candidates, on the other hand, won 6 in the first phase, 330 in the second phase, 448 in the third phase, 390 in the fourth phase, 348 in the fifth phase and 95 in the sixth phase. Last Monday (January 31), voting was held in 216 UPs of the sixth phase. The EC has announced the results of 218 UPs. Of these, boat candidates have won in 117 UPs. Also Jatiya Party-JPA has won three, Jatiya Party-JP has won one UP. At this stage, a record number of voters cast their ballots in the EVM polls.

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