October 6, 2022

The Awami League leader cut down 6 bighas of trees in Shailkupa

Staff Reporter, Jhenaidah
The notorious drug lord of Sheikhpara, Bakul Joardar, has cut down 6 bighas of trees and banana trees due to a dispute over land at Shailkupa in Jhenaidah. The riots took place in Sheikhpara village of the upazila from Monday to Tuesday afternoon. The most wanted person in the police register is Takul Joardar’s son from Bakul Sheikhpara Bazar. He has established a reign of terror in the area by introducing himself as the joint general secretary of the Union Awami League. The landowners, who have been occupying the land for 97 years, said the land inherited from the ancestral family of the late Akbar Ali Mollah of Sheikhpara village had been occupied by other heirs including Farhad Mollah, Shahidul Islam and Selim Mollah since 1928. Suddenly, on 31st January, the Madrak emperor of the same village, Bakul Joardar, started cutting down trees with the people, claiming the land for himself. In 2 days, they cut down 225 mahogany, children, epilipil trees and 1000 varieties of bananas from 8 bighas of land. Then they take the cut trees. This caused a loss of about 10 lakh rupees to the opponent. Upon receiving the news, the police reached the spot and stopped cutting down the trees. Tensions are running high in the area over the incident. Shahidul Islam, the real owner of the land, said, “Our big trees are being forcibly cut down by Bakul Joarddar. If we are tied up, they are coming to beat us with native weapons. Farhad Mollah said, Bakul Joardar has taken away my 1000 banana trees. Despite having land deeds, I am not getting any justice. When contacted, accused Bakul Joardar said, “I am busy and I will talk to you later.” Shailkupa Police Station OC (Investigation) Mohsin Hossain said, “I have stopped cutting down trees after receiving a complaint.” Further legal action will be taken after investigation.

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