September 26, 2022
English Conversation About A Landma...
English Conversation About A Landmark

Locals unite the two towns by constructing Bailey Bridge on their own initiative in Shailkupa

Masum Shahriar, Shailkupa, Jhenaidah Eyes-
The two unions at Shailkupar in Jhenaidah are Tribeni No. 1 and Dignagar No. 3. At one time boat crossings were the only means of communication for people on both sides. Year after year, the river Kali has divided these two unions. The people of these two villages are lagging behind in the development of relations due to being separated from each other. In the same way, education and economic development are lagging behind day by day.

It is learned that the Bailey Bridge was built with bamboo and wood at a cost of around Rs 4 lakh on the initiative of the youth of Srirampur village. The bridge was first built in 2016. Then the wooden bridge collapsed again. The bridge was built again in 2022 with the money of the people of the two areas.

Lincoln Mollah, a shopkeeper in Serampore village, said the lack of a bridge had cut off communication between the two banks for a long time. The school-college had to travel a distance of 5-6 kms to travel and sell raw materials and bring agricultural products. So the residents of the two villages demanded the construction of a bridge. But for a long time their demand was not met. So they built the bridge with their own money.

Resident Rahman said that a spectacular place has been built around the bridge. Every day students from different villages and nearby Islamic University gather to see the place.

In this regard, Islam, a resident of Srirampur, said that the people of Arakar are cultivating on both sides of the river. We used to travel 5-6 km for communication. Or you could cross the river by boat. The construction of the bridge has given us temporary benefits.

Rahim, a resident of Ratanpur, said, “Sheikhpara market is located on the other side of our river.” In addition, Islamic University, Sheikhpara Dukhi Mahmud College, including various needs to travel regularly.
The wooden bridge makes it easy for us to reach our destination. We demand the government to build a permanent bridge.

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