September 26, 2022
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Chinchero market Peru traditional textile dying

Shailkupa Pratinidhi

The traditional monastery Kali Puja and Mela was held at Shailkupa in Jhenaidah on Monday evening.

This puja is organized every year on the new moon day of the month of Magh. This time, besides Jhenaidah, hundreds of fans and admirers from different districts of the country have come to join the festival. The fair is held in the precincts of Kali Mandir near Shailkupa town around the puja. The shopkeepers have set up stalls of various products at the fair.

It was seen on the spot yesterday, the presence of devotees in Kali Puja is eye-catching. CCTV cameras have been installed at important points in and around the temple for the safety of the pilgrims. Wood, cane, iron and manihari products, conch-vermilion and various utensils are being sold in the premises of Kalibari.

Pratap Chandra Saha, president of the Kali Puja Temple Committee, said that the Kali Puja and Pramin Mela have created a bond of harmony among the people of the town.

It is difficult to find the exact history of when this Kali Puja started. However, the current attendant of the temple, Samarendra Kumar Saha, said that the age of this Kali Puja is about five hundred and fifty years. Once again, the devotees have come up with 105 idols to fulfill their various desires.

General Secretary Swapan Kumar Saha said that payesh, khichuri and prasad were distributed in the puja throughout the night. However, no animal is sacrificed here.

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