October 6, 2022

Russia has deployed more than 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border. War can break out at any time. The people of Ukraine are preparing for war. This information was given in an online report of BBC on Wednesday (February 2).

According to the report, air strikes are being practiced in schools across the country. In addition, many people in the country are planning to escape.

Pensioners are also taking part in rehearsals on weekends in the woods outside the country’s capital, Kiev. Civilians are joining it. The country’s soldiers are training there.

“I don’t think Russia will attack now,” said Vasal Nazarrov, 61, who took part in the exercise. Thanks to our Western allies for giving us arms. ”

“I do not believe they will be able to reach Kiev, but we must be prepared,” he said.

“Enemies are on our borders so we all need to be prepared,” said Sahri Kalinin.

The deployment of more than 100,000 Russian troops on the Ukrainian border has become the number one topic on the country’s privately owned Primi TV channel.

The TV channel’s presenter, Taras Berezovets, described Russian President Vladimir Putin as “unexpected.”

Putin wants Putin to stop doing what a nation wants him to do, as Soviet leaders have done for decades in Eastern Europe.

Deutsche Welle reports that ordinary people in Ukraine are also taking up arms. Many are taking military training. If there is a war so that they can fight for the country.

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