September 28, 2022

Essar Nirab Jessore: Allegations of irregularities and corruption in Jessore Central Jail are long standing. It is said that throwing money in Jessore jail matches ‘tiger’s eye’. There are many immoral benefits available through bribery. From drugs to polao, biryani meat rice can be eaten. There was the opportunity to talk for hours on end, from wife to sweetheart, even to Godfather! Jessore Jail also had the opportunity to talk privately with the prisoner in the guest room with a certain amount of bribe.

Jessore Central Jail has changed. There are readings, books, games and entertainment. Prisoners are getting opportunity to work by doing handicrafts. The newly constructed Bangabandhu Corner is eye-catching. The prison library is full of books. Transparency has returned to treatment including food and accommodation. The throat canteen business has also been shut down. Detention pressure has also decreased. The number of detainees has halved. The prison has got the look of a home. Everyone involved is getting the benefit of it. Several people who were released on bail have given this information.

The pseudonyms of all those whose statements have been published in this report have been used.

But that picture has changed in the last few years. Abdullah al-Amin, who was recently released on bail, said he was in jail on drug charges. His negative attitude has changed in 3 months of imprisonment. According to him, now you don’t have to pay a bribe of two-three thousand rupees a month to stay in medical school like before. There is no opportunity to live a royal life inside the jail with bribe. The drug syndicate has been disbanded. In the canteen, you don’t have to buy a bidi for Rs. Legal products can be purchased from the canteen at the body rate. His prison life was cut short by playing and entertaining. He is a resident of Bagharpara.

A woman detainee named Turin Afroz of Benapole said, “I was in jail in the case of Phensidyl. He was released on bail after about 6 months. He said, I have been to jail before but then there was a scary atmosphere in Jessore jail. Women were harassed in various ways.

Abdur Rashid of Kushtia said that the prisoners send money home by doing handicraft work. This time you have seen with your own eyes that you can earn even from jail. He said many prisoners send money home by making mura, throne chair and sari-lungi. All of them are convicted accused. He said that opportunities for sports, entertainment and reading books have been created in Jessore Jail. Various trainings including tailoring are also given. “Prisons are no longer a place of fear,” he said. Commenting that the prison has been turned into a correctional facility, he said that this achievement belongs to the present government and the prison authorities.

Abdul Karim of Manirampur was a professional car thief. He was released on bail in the first week of January. According to his commentary, this time he has learned a lot about the value of life by going to jail. Prison authorities have taught us that returning to normal life is not a difficult task. Enjoy life. He said that the consequences of his misdeeds fell on his family and children.

Tuhin Kanti Khan of Jessore Central Jail said, “Our vision is to keep it safe.” The mission is the responsibility and duty of the prison authorities to ensure the safe detention of prisoners and to treat them humanely. He said the authorities are always vigilant and vigilant about the tight security of the prison, maintaining order among the inmates, accommodation, food, medical treatment and meeting with relatives, friends and lawyers.

In response to a question, he said that there are currently 1360 prisoners as against the capacity of 1913 people. There are 99 people on death row. Necessary motivation and training activities have been continued for the rehabilitation of the society. He said that Bangabandhu Corner has been constructed inside the jail with his own funds. There are more than 10 thousand books in the library. More than one and a half hundred prisoners are making handicraft products. They sell these products and are given 50 percent of the total dividend. They are also able to help the family financially from jail.

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