October 6, 2022

Nadia Nadeem: Influential footballer and doctor from Afghan refugees

Nadia Nadeem is a shining example of how refugees can be another name for inspiration in the world if they get enough opportunities. He is both a professional footballer and a surgeon. MBBS has completed a five-year medical course while walking on the football field. Played in Denmark national women’s soccer team, Manchester City and PSG (Paris Saint Germain). He is currently playing for Racing Louisville FC in Kentucky, USA. Besides, you can speak a total of 11 languages.

Nadia Nadeem was born on February 2, 1986 in Herat Province, Afghanistan. She has four more sisters in the family, no brothers. He grew up there with his parents and sisters. His father was a general in the Afghan National Army. The Taliban in 2000

Nadia Nadeem said on her website, “When I was a child, I received the heartbreaking news that my father had been killed by the Taliban. After that, my family decided to flee Afghanistan. Because it was not a safe place for 8 women in the family. ‘
According to the decision, Nadia’s family migrated to Europe via Pakistan. “We had some relatives in London, so we planned to flee there,” he said. Accordingly, we came to Italy through Pakistan with fake passports. From there my family and I boarded a truck. I thought we were going to London. A few days later, we all turned around in the truck hoping to see Big Ben. But did not see.

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