October 6, 2022

Today Tasnuva Tishara’s wedding

Tasnuva Tisha is a popular actress on the small screen. He got engaged in the second week of January. That’s when he announced that he was going to build a house with Syed Prince Oscar on February 2. Accordingly, the wedding ceremony of Tisha-Oscar will be completed on Wednesday (February 2) at an elite restaurant in the capital.

Earlier, a yellow ceremony was held on Monday night (January 31). The bride herself spreads fascination with the guests by dancing and singing.
Many of the showbiz including actress Archita Sperchia and actor Manoj Pramanik were present on the occasion.

Tisha said that she met Oscar in December 2020, after which they became close and fell in love. After informing the two families about the matter, they agreed and got ready for marriage.

This is Tishara’s third marriage. Earlier, she tied the knot with Farzanul Haque on September 26, 2014. But after four years, the family broke up. Before that, the actress had another family.

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