October 2, 2022

Gas connection is required in Jhenaidah BSC for massive industrialization

Most of the industries are not being started as there is no gas connection to Jhenaidah BC. The few that are still in operation using rural electricity are also on the verge of shutting down due to rising production costs. The traders complained that they are losing millions of rupees every month. Businesses and entrepreneurs demand expeditious expansion of BSIC and gas connection to solve the problem.

Jhenaidah BSIC Industrial City was built on about 17 acres of land along the Jhenaidah-Magura Highway. But all efforts have been thwarted due to lack of gas connection.

Although a handful of companies continue to generate electricity through rural electricity at high cost, most of the companies have stopped production due to lack of gas connection. The traders claim that huge losses are being counted every month.

In this regard, they said, BC does not have as much space as it needs. If the government takes initiative to expand this place, then new entrepreneurs will be created here. We will not benefit much from electricity. Production costs will increase.

Regarding the lack of gas connection in Jhenaidah BSCIC Industrial City and the scarcity of space, Nazim Uddin Julius, General Secretary of BSIC Industrial Owners Association said, “If there is gas connection in Jhenaidah BSIC Industrial City, it will be good for those who are entrepreneurs.” Besides, we have many entrepreneurs in Jhenaidah district who now need a place in BSCIC industrial city. But given the amount of space available in the BSIC industrial city, it is not possible for BSIC to allocate more new plants.

Meanwhile, Selina Rahman, deputy manager of BSCIC district office in Jhenaidah BSIC, said that initiatives have been taken for the expansion of BSCIC.

He said higher authorities have been in touch with the gas connectors. It is not possible for us to get gas line with the amount of money they want.

According to the district BSCIC, at present all the 101 plots have been allotted but there are only 47 industrial establishments.

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