October 1, 2022

A charger van can change the life of a crippled Mintu from Jhenaidah

An accident is the cry of a lifetime. This crying never stopped. Mintu Mandal lost his life in a road accident and turned his life upside down. He is paralyzed and now he has to live a helpless life.

Mintu Moldal, son of Hazrat Ali Mandal of Kashima village in Kaliganj upazila of Jhenaidah district. Age 40 years. Mintu was making a living by driving a van with his two sons, a daughter and his wife.
About two years ago, a truck carrying a gas hit him at Dulalmundia in Kaliganj upazila. Mintu’s van was crushed. A wheel of the truck goes over the feet. The right leg has to be amputated. Another broke eight legs and eight bones of the chest and tomb. The treatment costs three lakh rupees.

Even if the people of the society somehow survive by treating them with the help of the people, the family life is going through a difficult time. The Mintu family has lost its only source of income and is now starving.

But helpless Mintu does not want to beg. Want to work hard and eat. For this he needs a charger van. Want to run a family by earning money by driving a van. Anna wants to give it to her family members.

Mintu Mandal said he used to drive the van while he was well. He lost his leg in a road accident two years ago and is crippled. That is why the way of income has been closed. He is in a very helpless condition with his wife and two sons. The eldest son Sagar Mandal gets some money as a muezzin in Kaliganj Upazila Jame Mosque so their family is going on with it. Youngest son Azim Mandal is in class six. And daughter Sumaiya Khatun got married 9 months ago.

He added that being crippled could do nothing. But the stomach does not mean that. So from time to time he rents and drives another charger van. I market with whatever income I get.

The wealthy members of the community will be able to move around with the Mintu Mandal family if there is a van with their help.

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