October 5, 2022

University of Afghanistan opened, girls are taking classes

The country’s universities have been closed since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Everyone wondered if the girls would be able to take classes even if they were opened. University of Afghanistan finally opened. Girl students are also doing classes. NDTV has given this information in a report.

According to the report, the students have also returned to classes with the students on the university campuses which have been open since Wednesday (February 2). However, the boys have been instructed to keep their physical distance from the students.

The Taliban government has not commented on the girls’ return to university, but an Afghan education official told Reuters. She said female students have been allowed to take classes at the university with some instructions. They have to keep a physical distance from male students.

During the 1996-2001 regime, the Taliban banned the education of women and girls. After the withdrawal of NATO troops, including the United States, they came to power on August 15 last year and announced that they would change their old policy. However, the Taliban’s plan is still unclear, and in many parts of the country, girls are not allowed to return to high school.

Although some private universities in Afghanistan have reopened, in many cases female students have not been able to return to class.

The Taliban has demanded the lifting of sanctions on foreign aid and resources outside the country, on condition that the international community restore the rights of women and girls to education.

The UN mission in Afghanistan said in a tweet on Tuesday that it welcomed the announcement of the reopening of public universities for boys and girls. It is so important that every young person has an equal right to education.

Khalil Ahmad Bihsudwal, head of Nangarhar University, said male and female students of the institution would take part in separate classes. This practice is already practiced in many provinces.

On Wednesday, all the universities in the warmest province of the country were opened. In the second phase, it has been decided to reopen all the universities in the winter-prone areas, including the capital Kabul, from February 26.

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